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Participate in an alumni group to stay connected to your Alma Mater, give back to your community, network with fellow Bulls who share your interests and support the Alumni Association.

Geographic-Based Groups

Interest-Based Groups

What are alumni groups?

There are three types of groups: chapters, societies and networks. A chapter is a geographic-based group located in areas with 1,000+ alumni. Each chapter's leadership team holds regular meetings and plans events. A society represents 1,000 or more alumni who share common interests. Societies often support the mission of a USF college or academic program. Networks are groups that can be geographic-based or interest-based. They are similar to chapters and societies but operate with less formal organization. Networks comprise fewer than 1,000 alumni. 

Global Network

USF Global Networks bring together alumni, students, faculty and partners to build worldwide communities of support for international programs, research and business connections.

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Can I create a group?

We appreciate your interest in starting an alumni group! Volunteers largely drive alumni groups, and we appreciate the dedicated alumni who commit to making our groups a success. If you are interested in starting a group, the first step is to check if a group for your geographic area or interest already exists. Click the links above to see active groups. If no group exists, please get in touch with us to learn more or to get started.

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