The USF Alumni Association® is a self-funded, nonprofit organization comprised of former students and friends of the University of South Florida. We help alumni stay connected and provide meaningful ways for USF Bulls to support, promote and protect their university. Each USF graduate worldwide is critical to USF's achievement of its goals.

The association is the conduit for Bulls to:
  • Impact USF and student success
  • Protect USF
  • Share their pride, and
  • Stay connected

Our Mission

The mission of the USF Alumni Association is to foster a mutually beneficial, lifelong relationship between the university and its alumni; to inspire loyalty and pride among current and future alumni; and to advocate for excellence in teaching, research and public service.

Strategic Direction I: Membership

The USF Alumni Association is a membership-based organization whose mission is to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and its alumni. Within the association’s interdependent framework, the membership program best epitomizes this desired, two-way relationship. The association provides programs and services to alumni members while gaining funding and building alumni advocates for the university. Ultimately, alumni membership represents a graduate’s decision to stay connected to USF. It is the best tool to measure the strength of the alumni relationship and the association’s progress in connecting alumni with USF.

Strategic Direction II: Communication

Connecting alumni to each other and the university through communication is a critical element in building this mutually beneficial relationship. Members seek news about the university and their classmates through both traditional and new communication venues. In addition, feedback from alumni regarding university issues as well as association programs and services is an important component in guiding the direction of the university and its Alumni Association.

Strategic Direction III: Students and Young Alumni

Students and young alumni are special constituencies of the USF Alumni Association. Students represent the association’s and the university’s future. The quality of their student experience and their relationships with the university and classmates are critical factors in determining their long-term relationship with USF. The association focuses on building relationships with current students and developing their lifelong ties to USF. It will guide these students through their transition to alumni status and early professional years through targeted communications, services and programs.

Strategic Direction IV: Involvement and Services

The development of a USF alumni network that benefits both the alumni participants and the university comes from involvement in the school and the association.  By interacting on the web, attending alumni events, working on a university committee, or serving as a volunteer, involved alumni make a difference to USF and the Alumni Association while they build a network of fellow USF graduates that enhances both their personal and professional lives. The association seeks ways to serve and involve alumni through education, networking and career service opportunities.

Strategic Direction V: Leadership Development

The Alumni Association’s growth depends on its ability to continue to identify and recruit committed alumni volunteers and qualified staff into the organization.  Current volunteers and staff must continually bring new alumni faces into the association and provide meaningful opportunities for these graduates to grow as part of the organization.

Strategic Direction VI: Brand Recognition

USF’s membership in the Association of American Universities, the most prestigious association in higher education, recognizes USF as one of the nation’s top research universities and is an important step in USF’s goal of international prominence. As the university’s profile increases, so does the value of every USF degree. An important part of building a university’s reputation is support from a network of enthusiastic alumni advocates who support a positive perception of their university everywhere they go. The Alumni Association’s role in building the university’s image is to cultivate alumni relationships, involve them in the university and encourage them to be proud and vocal advocates for USF in their workplaces, communities and homes.