Rocky and the Bulls

How the Bulls Were Born

With early name suggestions of “Desert Rats”, “Florida Chickens,” and even a student election run-off with the name “Buccaneer”, the “Golden Brahman” was finally selected as the official mascot of USF in November of 1962. The students reasoned that, since Florida was a cattle-raising state like Texas, USF needed a mascot comparable to the Texas Longhorns mascot. In the late 1980's, the mascot evolved into the “Bulls” for promotional reasons.

USF Mascot - Rocky the Bull

Today's Rocky the Bull got his start as a toy idea for the USF Bookstore in 1965. The first Rocky was drawn as a cartoon rendition for Athletics to use in their newsletters. Rocky's image was first trademarked in 1974 and re-designed in 1986. Today's Rocky was unveiled in 2003. Rocky is a regular at USF football and basketball games and other campus and community events.

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